Build your culture.
Boost your bottom line.

Take your culture from blah to brilliant and make everyone (including your CFO) smile.




Are they boosting your bottom line?

Creating a brilliant culture adds real value to your business by:

  • Improving your employee retention

  • Lifting your attendance rates

  • Increasing your productivity 

  • Enhancing your innovation

  • Upgrading your client/customer service

  • Building your resilience and adaptability

  • Perfecting your brand alignment

  • Bettering your safety compliance

  • Creating psychological safety and belonging

Are you ready to unleash their potential?

I'm ready to help you take the cultural leap if:​

  • Your engagement survey results are good but you want great.

  • The energy in your business is blah and you want brilliant.

  • Your employee experience is average but you want awesome.

  • You monitor output but care about producing outcomes.

  • Your values are on paper but you want to see them in practice.

  • You have engagement but you're ready for empowerment.

  • You understand that equality is not as powerful as equity

  • Your sick of cajoling leaders and want them to start coaching.

  • Your culture is slapdash but you're ready to make it strategic.


I'm the extra pair of hands you need to get your cultural change done

I'm not your typical 'grey-suit' consultant. My offering is personal and practical:

  • I aim to do myself out of a job. My talk about empowerment and coaching is real. I will work with your HR/OD teams and your people leaders to upskill them to drive the change and ensure your benefits last long after our engagement ends.

  • I'm not going to dump and run. I have minimum engagement durations because I want to spend as much time (if not more) operationalising your solutions as I spent diagnosing your issues.

  • I'm a one-woman band.  I value long-term trusting relationships and I look forward to personally getting to know you, your team and your business. No handing off to juniors here!

  • I have a practical nature. I like to say 'I'm a doer, not a dreamer' because I'm focused on finding real and tangible solutions for your cultural conundrums, not dreaming up pie-in-the-sky ideas.

  • I don't write reports. Instead I develop actionable strategies based on my findings with doable activities and measurable outcomes.

  • I like measuring stuff. My data background means I like being able to quantify and analyse stuff, so all my deliverables include bespoke measurement recommendations. 

  • I infuse my energy into everything I do. I LOVE all things people and I inject that passion into all my work. I will find small ways to make big impact and exceed your expectations. 


Tanya understood deeply the interdependence and influence of employee engagement on customer experience and ultimately the bottom line. Her enthusiasm and energy was infectious.

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