About Me

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The professional.

Hi, I'm Tanya.

I have:

  • a Bachelor's Degree in Business majoring in HR (with Distinction)

  • a post-graduate qualification in Business/HR (also with Distinction)

  • MAHRI certification

  • over 15 years experience in operational and strategic HR roles.

So I tick all the boring boxes, but I'm not your usual HR consultant. I'm an energetic non grey-suit wearing positive culture creator who knows that taking your workplace culture from blah to brilliant really will boost your bottom line. 

Throughout my 15 year HR career I have never quite 'fit' into the HR mould. The leaders and employees I supported would often remark that I was the best HR contact they'd ever had because I was so 'not HR-ish'.

I liked to think it's because I had far too much wit and charm to be a boring beige HR person, but it's actually because I treated people like, well... people. Which ironically is not something HR generally does very well. 

A like-minded peer recently coined the term 'HR Outlier' which I love. It refers to HR professionals like me who:

  • fundamentally believe in the positive power of people.

  • strive for empowerment centered HR practice at every opportunity.

  • believe that people strategy is business strategy. 

But it's not only my HR philosophy that sets me apart. So does my partnership driven consulting approach: 

  • I'm not about short-term bandaid solutions. I partner with you in the medium to long-term to create real change.

  • I want you to self-service. I will coach and empower your people so they can drive and maintain initiatives.

  • I don't diagnose and dash. I spend as much time implementing solutions as I spent finding issues.

  • I love creative solutions. Developing low-cost but deeply impactful cultural initiatives floats my boat. 

  • I'll ask for feedback. I want to deliver a highly valuable and bespoke service tailored to your specific needs.

  • I take a holistic view. I will cast a lens over everything HR does and touches to ensure cultural alignment.

  • I always measure success. I identify ongoing measurement options for every suggested initiative.

  • I'm extremely practical. I prefer to make life simpler and easier or, at worst, no more difficult than it already is. 

  • I apply all my expertise all the time. There's no delegating tasks to inexperienced interns or graduates here!

  • I'm committed to being great. I limit my engagements so I can invest a chunk of time each week to my professional development.

  • I have a really rich network. I can't just bounce ideas of the person sitting next to me (unless you also need a Control Systems Engineer?) so I cultivate a diverse and interesting network of thinkers I can call upon.

So I know I'm not for everyone and that's cool. 

But if you're looking for someone clever, enthusiastic and results focused who will drive real change within your organisation (all while keeping a big smile on their face), I might just be right for you!


The personal.

I reside in sunny Brisbane on a big acre block in an old Queenslander that was built in 1915. It turned 100 the year we bought it which was pretty cool! I'm a real history buff, so I love having a house with a bit of a story to tell (we even have a friendly ghost called Pappy according to family history)!

I’m a mum to one rambunctious toddler and two equally rambunctious rescue dogs. As you can imagine, they keep me reasonably busy (cleaning mostly!).

When I'm not wiping paw prints or crayon off the walls, I enjoy dedicating time to the community: 

  • I coordinate a playgroup after finding one didn't exist locally outside of a church or a school. Myself and another mum started an affordable playgroup for all carers in our local area. We went from 0 to over 300 members in a year!

  • I volunteer with Jobs For Australia supporting job seekers whose employment was impacted by COVID. I assist with CV and cover letter reviews, improving people's LinkedIn presence and providing coaching support.​

Here's 5 quick facts about me:

  1. I'm an introvert masquerading as an extrovert. I love people but need a lot of recharge time.

  2. I embrace colour and have barely any black in my wardrobe. It reflects my personality I think (hence Zest yellow).

  3. I enjoy cooking (mostly because I like eating great food) and am always happy to share winning recipes.

  4. I like all animals but I LOVE dogs. I will cross the street to pat your pup.

  5. I have an average singing voice but will sing along to anything. I do my best work in the shower and the car. 

I'm a pretty 'what you see is what you get' kind of person, so I've added some snapshots below so you can get a bit of a feel for who I am.

I share a lot of content on my LinkedIn page and my Facebook page which you should definitely check out!

I also write a weekly blog! I share a mix of content; both personal and professional through a personal lens usually written with a healthy dose of humour. I'd love you to take a look!


The pictures.