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My Affiliates

Because connecting people is cool.


I choose to highlight some of the incredible people I have worked, collaborated or connected with here because I love supporting other small business owners to succeed.

I have had personal interactions with each and every person listed below and can vouch for their enthusiasm, passion and expertise. They are the people I've stumbled across on my entrepreneurial path who have taken the time to get to know and support me; and I know for sure that they'll invest the same time and energy in supporting you. 

I receive absolutely no rewards from referring people to these organisations other than their gratitude and my own joy at helping others.

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Culture Cure

Helping women bravely resolve conflict and reclaim their careers successfully.

Katherine was tired of people normalising toxic behaviour at work and sick of businesses who focused on profit over people.
She offers online courses and consultation services to help women elevate their careers, take back their power and fight for the life they deserve.


The Dyslexic Evolution

Building the next generation of dyslexic leaders and entrepreneurs.

Founded by the wonderful Will Wheeler, The Dyslexic Evolution helps dyslexic people become elite professionals in their careers, while also helping organisations to benefit from the many different skills dyslexic people can provide.

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Jessica Osborn Marketing Coach

Coaching smart women to market their business successfully.

Jessica turned her successful 20 year corporate marketing career into a global coaching business where she specialises in helping consultants and coaches to position their brand in their ideal niche to attract consistent high-value clients and create scalable, efficient businesses.

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Sally Prosser Voice Coach

Helping people speak with Confidence, Clarity & Charisma.

Sally is all about practical, memorable strategies to lift people's speaking game regardless of their experience level or budget.

Plus she's TikTok famous!



Gain insight into the unique behaviours & motivators that support your success.

Charissa is a Certified Behavioural Consultant and passionate DISC advocate whose driving force is to help you overcome your limitations to becoming a better, more confident version of yourself!


Payroll Edge

Creating synergy between people and payroll solutions.

Gemma leads a team of honest, reliable, socially & environmentally conscious payroll gurus who can help you to create synergy & deliver effective business solutions across payroll.