Saying no. Now with 93.4% less guilt!

I hated saying no to people. I saw disappointing others as a personal failure. So I would say yes. To everything. All the time. To stuff...

Toddler taming my control-beast

Nothing teaches you to relinquish control quite like a kid. But the skills are applicable professionally too.

Coaching. Catch of the day?

I often tell people that completing my workplace coaching certification changed my life, and it’s honestly not an exaggeration. I worked...

Wrestling with ambiversion

I talked earlier this week about my experience of ambiversion and it seemed to really strike a chord with loads of people. So I thought...

Wait? My baby is my business coach??

Leadership lessons from a toddler? Not as strange is out sounds! Resilience is a toddler strong-suit!

Kicking the overanalysing habit

As a chronic overanalyser I created this handy infographic to help me kick the habit.