The chatHRbox

Bounce your people problems around with me


Sometimes you just need to talk things through don't you?

A chat with someone who:

  • isn't involved in the emotion of the situation.

  • can remain impartial.

  • helps you reframe and find your mojo.

  • will listen to your venting in the cone of absolute silence.

  • will ask you the tough questions to elicit the best response.

  • can provide specialist advice when required. 

Let me be your sounding board!

I offer scheduled and short-notice phone and email support to both HR practitioners and people leaders. 

You get access to quality, practical people leadership support by tapping into my 15+ years of operational and strategic experience in the HR space. I'll listen, ask, share, commiserate, celebrate, laugh, relate, challenge and coach to help you through your tricky spots.

This support is perfect if you:

  • Are a stand-alone HRM and want someone to talk things out with (or vent to!).

  • Lead a small HR team and don't have time to coach them on the basics.

  • Run a start-up and want to offer your people leaders some HR support without hiring a permanent resource.

  • Have a HR practitioner on unexpected or long-term leave and need to fill an advisory gap.

  • Are leading D&I, flexible working or engagement projects and need on call expertise to support in-house delivery.

This support is not for you if:

  • You need legal advice.

  • You need complex Employee Relations advice.

  • You need someone to run performance management meetings, interviews etc.


Keep it Casual

Hourly rate

Book an hour window and talk through your ideas and issues.

Pick my brain and ask me questions, or talk at me to get things clear in your own mind.

Whatever you need! The time is yours!

$220 per hour (inc GST)