Cultural Consulting Packages

I partner with you to create a practical strategy for positive culture change in your business.


I'm all about long-term relationships.

I feel it's the best way to get a read of your business and deliver the greatest amount of value to you.

I don't want to fly in, write a report, tell you everything you need to fix in a short debrief session and then disappear into the ether like the grey suit brigades from the big consulting firms do. 

I want to partner with you over the next 4-6 months and beyond to set and support you on a real path to success. 

In my Deep Dive and Game Changer packages I use a simple but effective framework to evaluate the key drivers of culture in your business, identify improvement initiatives and help you implement them; all while empowering you or your team to run with the strategy long after I'm gone.

You can see how much value I can potentially add to your business through these packages simply by popping some basic info into my ROI calculator. It's fully research based and I've included all my references for you to check out!

But of course, nothing is going to be as helpful as a chat where you can talk me through your key cultural concerns and I can explain my approach. You can book a free Cultural Kickstart call using the button below.


Quick Tweak

This package is for you if:

  • You have a specific area of concern

  • You have relevant data on hand

  • You're ok with a Cultural Action Plan 

  • You have in-house resources for implementation

$5,500 (inc GST)

Deep Dive

This package is for you if:

  • You want a holistic cultural assessment

  • You require deeper data analysis, or

  • You require some data collection

  • You want a Culture Cultivation Strategy 

  • You'd like some implementation support​

  • You'd like some facilitation or coaching

Price starts at $16,000 (inc GST)

Game Changer

This package is for you if:

  • You want a complete cultural assessment

  • You require extensive data analysis & collection

  • You want a Culture Cultivation Strategy 

  • You'd like significant implementation support​

  • Your HR/OD specialist or team would benefit from small group or 1:1 coaching

Price starts at $33,000 (inc GST)