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Flexible Working Resources


E-Signature and OOO examples

Audience: All 

Communicating flexible working is essential to not only manage stakeholder expectations, but also to promote flexible working within your organisation (and beyond). This document provides example options for incorporating flexible work arrangements into e-signatures and Out Of Office messages.

Remote Working Guide

Audience: All

This document provides practical advice to anyone who is working remotely.

Leading a flexible team

Audience: People Managers

This document provides practical guidance to anyone who wants to create and maintain a flexible working culture within a team they lead.

Flexible Work Agreement Template

Audience: All

This document provides a template for recording a flexible work agreement. The template is designed around creating an 'agreement' not submitting an 'application'.

Effective Flexible Work conversations

Audience: People Managers

This document provides people managers with practical guidance about having effective conversations with their team members about flexibility. 

Flexible Work Inspiration

Flexible working options are MUCH broader than just part-time hours and working from home. This document provides a wide range of creative flexible working options covering Where, When and How people work.

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