Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Go gender Neutral

Offer sensitive and appropriate gender identification options for your non-binary employees and customers/clients

Most systems will, by default, provide options like ‘Mr, Miss, Ms and Mrs’ or ‘Female, Male and Other’. These options aren’t gender inclusive for those who are transgender, intersex, non-binary or for those who simply don’t wish to be defined by their marital status.

Yes, using the ‘other’ option is an easy fix, however it is linguistically is problematic as it suggests to anyone selecting it that they are ‘other’ or outside the norm. The term ‘other’ is not inclusive!!

Instead consider:

  • Adding ‘Mx’ to your title choices. Mx is a completely gender-neutral option that can be used by anyone who prefers not to use traditional gendered title options.

  • Adding ‘non-binary’ and ‘prefer not to disclose’ to your gender choices. It’s a small but positive step, though it’s important to note that there are far more detailed and sensitive ways of asking about people's biological gender and gender identity.

Organisations that are truly committed to gender inclusion can go further by assessing what gender information needs to be captured and why to determine the most appropriate data collection steps.

It’s also recommended that organisations clearly state why data is being collected, how it will be stored and how it will be used; this step is essential to providing confidence to diverse people who are being asked to disclose sensitive information.

If you'd like to learn more about making your organisation more gender inclusive, book a complimentary 30 minute call with Tanya (our Director) to discuss your aims for LGBTIQ inclusion.