Standing Meeting

Mind your meetings

Unlock the potential of your team by ensuring everyone has the ability to contribute

Not everyone has the confidence to speak up in meetings, no matter how long they’ve been in the team or how senior they are; and even people who do speak in meetings may not feel safe to disagree or put forward alternative perspectives.

If employees with diverse lived experience don’t feel able or safe to raise or challenge ideas, provide feedback or share their opinions, then an organisation can’t claim to have a truly inclusive culture.

Not having an inclusive culture negatively impacts businesses through heightened group think, less innovation and creativity and ultimately lower profits.

Assess the meetings in your team and make them more inclusive by:

  • Ensuring they all start and finish between 10am and 3pm to cater for people who start late or finish early

  • Create ‘Chair Share’ by introducing a rotating Chairperson so everyone in the team gets the chance to facilitate the discussion

  • Sending out agendas before meetings so employees know exactly what to expect and prepare for

  • Invite people to bring ideas to a meeting rather than brainstorming in a meeting (as not everyone works well on the fly)

  • Allowing people to email contributions to yourself or the Chairperson rather than having to verbally contribute in the meeting (this works for ideas before and feedback and comments after the meeting)

  • Introducing ‘red cards’ or another cheeky way to call out interruptions in meetings (it’s well documented that people of colour, people with disability and women are more frequently interrupted in meetings)

You can also book a complimentary 30 minute call with Tanya (our Director) to discuss your current meeting schedule and identify some quick wins.