Can leadership suck & still be great?

I watched a YouTube video years ago and unlike hundreds I’ve watched since then this one stuck with me. I still remember the prickle of the goosebumps that appeared as I got sucked into the story and the feeling of deep connection with the point of the tale.

The video was of Drew Dudley talking about ‘lollipop moments’. Have you seen it? If not, it’s worth taking 5 minutes out of your day to watch it here.

The CliffNotes version is that Drew is handing out lollipops on the first day of university and a girl, who was about to turn around and run home convinced she wasn’t ready, decided to stay and tough university out because of his goofy actions. It was a life-changing moment for her; he can’t even remember it happening.

I think the video resonated so much for me all those years ago because I saw that leadership didn’t have to be this BIG thing. That leadership came from simply inspiring others to challenge themselves, to be bolder and braver and more authentic, to solve problems and to see things from a different perspective.

I re-watched the video this week and I’m glad I did because I realised that I had lost the lesson. I had got caught up in comparing myself to others. I once again got stuck thinking that leadership was a big thing. A thing that other people, smarter and more impressive people, had. That it came with the fancy job titles or the glossy headshot images I envy.

I forgot all about the bloody lollipops!

So I reflected on all the moments that matter for me. The butterfly effect situations that appeared like an insignificant flutter at the time but became life-changing: