Dwelling in D&I discomfort

One thing I’ve been really conscious of doing this week is listening. Sitting in discomfort hearing things that are challenging, upsetting and confronting with no reply. Just open ears.

One of the most powerful forums I’ve attended is Tara Furiani’s Whites at the Roundtable. You’ve probably seen me post about it this week.

Tara invites 4-6 people from a range of backgrounds, with various perspectives to just openly converse about a topic. Tuesday was ‘DEI not PR’ and today was ‘People or Politics’ and both were amazing high-value sessions. Panelists spoke passionately, honestly and impactfully. Their ability to be so articulate about the horrendous treatment they’ve personally experienced or witnessed was incredible, but I guess that’s sadly what happens when this shit is your day-to-day life…

Tara asked me today for feedback on the sessions which really caused me stop and reflect about what I valued about them.

I told her that they are a great forum for people to just strap and listen; not to lectures, but to real lived experiences. I don’t think enough of that is happening. They offer an opportunity to be a fly-on-the-wall in a truly real conversation. Not a PC, overly sanitised D&I training session. Just real people sharing real perspectives and addressing challenges in a real way. Peppered with dark humour, f-bombs and mic drops, the conversation was intense but insightful.

So here are a few of my takeaways as a White at the Roundtable: