Gaining good by doing good

I’m certainly no Mother Teresa, but I have tried to be a decent community citizen my


From door knocking for the Red Cross during high school to donating clothes to Dressed for Success as a grown-up; I’ve always liked finding ways of helping others and doing a little bit of good in the world.

But aside from the nice feeling I get from knowing I’m doing something for the community, I also learn a lot from my experiences. Sometimes I get to use my professional skills and transfer them to a new context and sometimes I’m just completely winging it and creating some new neural pathways!

COVID has caused an altruistic perfect storm.

A graph shows a small dot where people had some awareness of community and some time to commit and a larger circle showing more people have an awareness of community and more time to commit since COVID

Our community consciousness has been heightened significantly through our shared adversity AND organisations have (mostly) realised that chaining people to their desks isn’t the most effective driver of productivity and that perhaps a level of flexibility to working hours is in order.