Image by Paul Green

See the invisible

Build awareness of injuries, illnesses and disabilities that aren't immediately obvious to others

Millions of Australians live with invisible disability; these conditions can include mental and neurological disorders, sensory disorders or physical conditions including musculoskeletal and autoimmune issues and diseases.

Many people living with invisible disability report being harassed or made to feel uncomfortable when accessing supports such as disabled car parking and accessible bathroom facilities because they don’t ‘look disabled’. Sadly this may be occurring in your workplace to your employees, your clients/customers or other stakeholders.

Creating awareness of invisible disability is a great starting point to building an inclusive culture as it stops people from assuming that differences have to be visible to be real.

There is an excellent initiative called ‘Think Outside The Chair’ which I strongly recommend you check out. They have downloadable posters available which you can easily print and stick to the door of your accessible bathrooms as a really simple starting point.

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