Image by Austin Distel

Start talking

Make inclusion part of the everyday discussion in your workplace

If you use Yammer or Slack or some other team communication platform, creating a dedicated ‘channel’ for diversity and inclusion discussion is a really simple step to take.

Employees can be encouraged to share content they find that support diversity & inclusion. It might be a news article about women in STEM or a podcast about Indigenous Australian business leaders. It could even photos from in house diversity events (morning tea photos are always popular).

It’s about making conversations about diversity and inclusion an everyday thing. It helps to build awareness and capability within the employee group and is a visible and accessible representation of your inclusion efforts.

In the early stages you may want to find a group of volunteers who share content regularly to help drive usage. Building it and then having no-one use it isn’t a great look.

Leveraging your Internal Comms specialist (If you have one) or tasking your D&I networks (if you have them) to create content than can be posted once a week is a great start.

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