Image by Brandi Ibrao

State your intent

Set a clear direction for D&I efforts in your organisation and harness the positive energy

Creating a clear statement about why diversity and inclusion is important to your business is a relatively simple but critical step to establishing a genuinely inclusive workplace culture.

A lot of organisations claim to be focused on diversity and inclusion, but what is often less clear is why. Without a clear purpose it is really hard for employees to rally around an idea, and worse it can cause people to become skeptical and disengaged.

Task a group of people (preferably employees with diverse lived experiences) to identify why diversity & inclusion is important in your business. It might be because you want to reflect the community you service, or because innovation and creativity is important or it could just be because you think it’s the right thing to do. Whatever the motivation, just be clear and honest about it.

There are definite commercial benefits that spring from increased diversity and inclusion. Most people are aware of this, so rather than tip-toeing around it you need to own it. Hopefully the $$ isn’t the main motivator for your desire for inclusion, but it is a happy side effect and employees may be suspicious if you don’t acknowledge that.

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