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Tanya has been an absolute star with the work she produced and ducking in and out of extra requests from us. If budgets change at our end, we'll be making a special request to have her back!

Anon HR Leader, IT Services

Tanya took the time to really understand the people experience we were looking to achieve. She applied our tone of voice and unique style to develop fit for purpose HR documents for our business. Her approach was strategic, detailed and creative.

Ashleigh, Senior HR Professional

Tanya was not only insightful, but thought provoking and engaging! her passion for D&I is contagious and started many conversations within our team about how we can all contribute to a more inclusive environment wherever we are.

Jess, Senior HR Professional

I worked with Tanya for 7 years and I always respected her advice on HR issues. She related very well to staff and was always liked and appreciated. On a personal level she has a lovely sense of humour, an even temperament, is reliable, sensible, intelligent and empathetic.

Peter, Partner & Board Member

I always liked that Tanya isn’t the traditional ‘HR’ employee. She really takes the time to connect with the people she works with, managers and employees alike, and a lot of people respected her for that.

I was lucky enough to be supported by Tanya when I took on the leadership of a small team. It was my first foray into leadership, and Tanya’s pragmatic guidance helped me navigate the challenges of managing people. I knew I could take any problem to her and she’d help me sort it out. Tanya really listened to the concerns at hand and provided solutions that were sensible, outside the box and clever.

Her ability to provide expert advice coupled with a healthy dose of humour made her a really approachable HR contact and I enjoyed working with her. 

Phil, People Manager

Tanya is an exceptional Human Resources expert with a keen focus on people and culture.

I worked with Tanya over several years at Maurice Blackburn, and through some very difficult periods of change.

Her passion, commitment and tenacity for people and teams is unparalleled. She is a champion of flexible work, diversity and inclusion and has strongly supported my flexibility at work while juggling family responsibilities.

As a new people manager, she was my “go to” person in some very tricky situations which she always dealt with with honesty, fairness and compassion.

I have found her to be simply one of the best in her field. 

Melissa, People Manager

Tanya's advice and guidance is always so professional yet filled with empathy and understanding.

She is always generous with her time; providing unbiased views and support. She helped me to assess situations from different angles, to put things into perspective, a perspective that is often lost due to emotion. 

Tanya is hands down the best HR professional I have ever worked with.

Cassie, Employee

I witnessed Tanya's passion and commitment to creating a diverse, inclusive and high performance culture first hand. Her enquiring mind and analytical approach using data to inform decisions drove many initiatives to improve the employee experience and engagement at the firm.

Tanya understood deeply the interdependence and influence of employee engagement on customer experience and ultimately the bottom line. Her enthusiasm and energy was infectious in the office environment and she was a pleasure to work with.

Toni, General Manager

Tanya is a dedicated and hard working professional with a commitment to living her values. This led to her and I working closely on our diversity and inclusion work. In that role Tanya demonstrated sophisticated leadership skills in nudging other leaders in our firm to try new things (like flexible working practices), and working hard on gathering all the relevant information (and where necessary, sharpening up our policies) to enable us to apply for an Employer of Choice citation from WGEA.

She also demonstrated both a strategic and operational skill set in helping to put together and then execute our diversity and inclusion policy.

Liberty, Partner & Board Member