Image by Alina Grubnyak

Test your biases

The only way to beat bias is to become aware of the biases we hold (and we all hold them!)

Because the human brain processes SO much information SO rapidly, it creates handy little shortcuts to make thinking easier (think “Ctrl+C for your brain). The unfortunate downside to this awesome trick is bias.

Sadly if you ask most people they’ll generally say they aren’t biased; that they see 'people as people'. This may be true at a conscious level, but in reality a human brain is a biased brain! We can't help it, it's an evolutionary survival tool!

The best way to address bias is to make our biases known or conscious. When we’re aware of our biases then we can put things in place like reporting processes or nudges to overcome them .

Thankfully Harvard University has created a free tool to test our biases! You can send the link to your team and ask them to complete some tests.

You can even ask people to share their learnings at a team meeting or on your fancy new D&I communication channel.

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